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玩冒險App|Run & Jump免費|APP試玩

Long Long ago,a kung fu panda lost his way in the valley,so he decided to run out of the valley.

Help him in getting some food and avoid the enemy which comes his way.

玩冒險App|Run & Jump免費|APP試玩

How to play:

- Press anywhere in the screen to makes panda jump.

玩冒險App|Run & Jump免費|APP試玩

- Pressing twice, makes the panda jump double.

- Long press the screen to make panda fly

玩冒險App|Run & Jump免費|APP試玩

- Pick up more bamboo shoots to maintain physical fitness.

- Avoid the snake,bird and bomb which can hurt you.

玩冒險App|Run & Jump免費|APP試玩

Run & Jump is an addictive running game,the goal of the game is run as far as you can.

玩冒險App|Run & Jump免費|APP試玩

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