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This app includes important SAP tables’ categorized accordingly SAP MM and SD application components. This app will help you in the writing functional specification, create custom reports and speedy analysis of issues.

1. Material Master Data - MM Related Tables

2. Vendor Master Data Tables

3. Stock Tables

4. Valuation Tables

5. Stock Table MARC - Plant Data for Material

6. Stock Table MARD - Storage Location Data for Material

7. Stock Table MCHB - Batch Stocks

8. Stock Table MSSL- Total Special Stocks with Vendor

9. Stock Table MSLB - Special Stocks with Vendor

10. Stock Table MSKU - Special Stocks with Customer

11. Stock Table MSSA - Total Customer Orders on Hand

12. Stock Table MSKA - Sales Order Stock

13. Stock Table MSSQ - Project Stock Total

14. Stock Table MSPR - Project Stock

玩商業App|SAP MM SD Tables免費|APP試玩

15. Stock Table MKOL - Special Stocks from Vendor

16. Material Document Tables

17. Purchasing Tables

18. Inventory Management Tables

19. Invoice Verification Tables

20. External Services Tables

21. Customers

22. Material Master Data Tables - SD Related

23. Bill of Materials (BOM)

24. Sales Document

25. Shipping / Delivery Document Tables

26. Billing Document Tables

27. Status Tables

28. Sales Document Flow Tables

29. Condition – SAP SD Tables

30. Cross Functional Tables

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