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Singapore Phone Numbers consists of emergency and important phone numbers. This useful app enables you edit, reorder and shortlist phone numbers and categories.

This handy app contains phone numbers from the following categories:

- A&E (Government Hospitals)

- A&E (Private Hospitals)

- Ambulance (24 Hrs)

- Emergency Lines

- Environment

- Food Ordering

玩工具App|SG Numbers免費|APP試玩

- General Help Lines


- Home Emergencies

- Hospitals

- Information lines

- Pet Ambulance

玩工具App|SG Numbers免費|APP試玩

- Police Division/NPC/NPP

- Report Bank Card Loss

- Suicide & SOS Helplines

- Taxi and Public Transport

- Telephone and Postal Services

- Ticket Booking

玩工具App|SG Numbers免費|APP試玩

- Travel & Tour

- Vehicle breakdown/Accident Assessment

玩工具App|SG Numbers免費|APP試玩

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