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SIMS Mobile is for usage only within the S2 Partnership.

SIMS Mobile enables consultants to record observations and take photos electronically while out on site. You can download an assessment to the device using your SIMS log in details, then record all your data off line without any need for an internet connection. When you then have a reliable internet connection again you can upload the data directly to SIMS.

Features include:

* A files area for taking lots of photos in succession. You can then attach them to observations later

玩生產應用App|SIMS Mobile免費|APP試玩

* A comments area for recording rough notes, though these aren't uploaded directly

* Help files for every page. Just press on the green question mark in the bottom right hand corner

玩生產應用App|SIMS Mobile免費|APP試玩

* Browsing for controls by typing in text, or by a predefined tag such as location or control topic

* Key info about the site you're visiting, including address, contact details of the site contact and a photo of the building

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