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玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

SM Recorder is a simple recorder with a quite nice design.

- there are no recording limits

玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

- you can manage your existing records inside the app by built-in file manager

玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

- you can play your records by built-in media player

玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

- you can share your records

玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

- you can set auto or manual recording for your phone calls

玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

- you can select a directory for your records

玩工具App|SM 錄音機+免費|APP試玩

- wav or mp4 file format

- you can set sampling rate and bitrate

If you really liked my work and you don't like in-app ads, consider buying paid version (it will keep me in business). The difference beetween free and paid is that, paid version doesn't contain ads.

If you liked this recorder and there are things you wish him to have, just tell me and I will consider implementing them. Fell free to contact me by email.


Permission for "REDIRECTING CALLS" is necesary to listen when you are making an outgoing call and record it. It is also the only way to receive a phone number and put it as a file name. If there would be some "bad code" in my app, Google would already shut down this recorder.

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