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玩財經App|SMS Account Book (demo)免費|APP試玩

A convenient method to keep track of your online or card transactions is to keep all that information in single place and create reports out of it.

Generally users get a SMS/Text for the transaction and those SMSes are lost or become unmanageable over the time. When user receive such SMS, this app makes an entry to your expense book. Even when user delete the SMSes the details are with user for all transactions. This is semi automatic application which needs users to make entry of their transactions. The greater flexibility here is to add details to each transactions and then derive reports based on those details.

This application is where you spend minimum efficient time tracking your finances. Essentially it helps you taking your effective financial decisions.



1. [Automatic] Shows blinking message when new SMS from your bank is received.

2. [User Action] User taps on the blinking icon, and it opens the 'Add New transaction' screen

3. [Automatic] Account numbers, bank name, are auto filled. Application tries to pick the correct amount and type of transaction i.e. debit/credit.

玩財經App|SMS Account Book (demo)免費|APP試玩

4. [User Action] User verifies with a glance and modifies if required. Then user taps on 'Add Transaction'.

That's all...

All transactions are saved with relevant information i.e. bank name, account number, type. This application helps user to track other expenses which we do in cash as well. For this user can go to application and add manual transaction as well. This makes it complete package to track your all kind of expenses.



玩財經App|SMS Account Book (demo)免費|APP試玩

★ User can add details from SMS to your expense book as soon as SMS is received.

★ User can track multiple bank accounts and credit card expenses.

★ Automatically adds transaction to expense book based on account/card number.

★ You can enter even cash transactions using manual transaction entry option.

玩財經App|SMS Account Book (demo)免費|APP試玩

★ Works offline. No internet connection required for this app to work.

★ Can view expenses by applying date or amount filter.

★ Sort and analyze your transactions by date

★ Export your data in CSV Format (on SD card).

玩財經App|SMS Account Book (demo)免費|APP試玩

★ Reporting

✔ User can view report for defined transaction categories.

✔ User can view report for single or multiple accounts in single page.

✔ Reports can be exported to CSV (Microsoft Excel) format.

玩財經App|SMS Account Book (demo)免費|APP試玩

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