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The most responsive controller for your SONOS system, directly from your home/lock-screen/notification bar!

This app is written because other Sonos apps are too slow for the most simple tasks (like volume control).

The app is not a replacement for the official Sonos Controller app, but merely serves as a quick remote for your Sonos system.

Furthermore, it allows you to configure the music that you would like to start automatically on your Sonos Zoneplayers as soon as you connect to your home Wi-Fi and to mute music when a phone call is active.

------ Features ------

• Autodiscovery of your Sonos Zoneplayers.

• Playback (play, pause, stop) & Volume control

• Group zones (un-group by clicking the stop button on the specific zone widget)

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩

• Quick access to your favorite radio stations, Sonos playlists, Line-in, Sonos Favorites

• Quick search and play Albums, Artists, Tracks

• Support for multiple widgets, each controlling a zone and having its own color.

• Start official Sonos app (big widget only)

• Zone and group volume control

• Sleep Timer

• Auto-play (selected music starts automatic when connect to your home Wi-Fi) for each zone with optional confirmation.

• Auto-mute on active phone call

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩

• Volume/Play/Pause control from the notification bar

------ Manual ------

[Adding your ZonePlayers]

• The first time you place a widget on your home-screen, you have to configure your Sonos Zoneplayer(s).

You can either fill in the IP address(es) manually or autodiscover them.

• You will only be allowed to add IP addresses of Zoneplayers that are currently accessible, because the app

will automatically fetch info (like the name of the zone) from the Zoneplayer.

• Once you have configured all Zoneplayers, you can hit the 'Place Widget' button and it will ask you which one of the

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩

configured/discovered Zoneplayers you want to control with the widget that you are currently adding to the home-screen. You can also change the color of the widget so that you can easily distinguish between your different Zoneplayers. Both color and opacity can be changed.

• Each time you add a new QuickSonosWidget widget to your home-screen, you will get the same configuration screen, where you can add/remove Zoneplayers.

[Volume control]

• With the Volume Control buttons (below and above the name of the zone on the home-screen widget), you can control the volume

of that zone. Group volume can be controlled by clicking the name of the zone.


• The Play/Pause button will start/pause the music on the Zoneplayer

• The Stop button will stop the music

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩


• With the Join button, you can link the player, attached to this widget, to another player that is currently active (playing). If multiple other players are playing different sources (queue, radio station, ...) you get a pop-up containing a list of the other configured/discovered Zoneplayers that can be grouped to the

Zoneplayer of this widget. If there is only one other source playing on your other players, it will automatically join that source.


• With the Music button, you get a pop-up where you can choose between Radio Station, Sonos Playlist, Line-In, Sonos Favorite, search for Album. Artist or Track.

Here you can also define if the selected source should be started automatically next time you connect to your home Wi-Fi.


• With the Info button, you get a pop-up with info: play state (PLAYING, STOPPED), current track, album, artist, radio station, group master, ...

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩


• Starts the official Sonos app


• Configure a sleep timer

[Sonos Zone Icon]

• Configure auto-play/mute options and the color of the widget

------ DEBUGGING ------

If you encounter any issue, you can always click the "Email Log" button in the configure screen of the app to send the logging to us so we can investigate the issue.

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩

------ DISCLAIMER ------

Not affiliated with Sonos, Inc. To learn more about Sonos and download the official Sonos app, please visit

玩音樂App|SONOS Remote Control免費|APP試玩

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