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This is a simple application that allows you to send files via the SSH protocol to any server you want.

This is done in the most simple and user friendly way possible in Android : via the 'Share' option of any capable application installed on your device.

Features :

玩工具App|SSH Send免費|APP試玩

- Transfer any file from your device via SSH;

- Configure and save multiple server destinations

玩工具App|SSH Send免費|APP試玩

- Use normal (user and password) or public key identification

- Remembers your last used configuration and the last used folder (with file picker) for easier interaction

玩工具App|SSH Send免費|APP試玩

- Simple and intuitive material design

- Multiple files sharing now supported (only via Android Share menu, for now) - 2 free multi-send actions included (after those, only possible with premium purchase)

This application is great to use with a home-made DIY server using Raspberry Pi, Odroid U2 / U3 / XU or any development boards.

玩工具App|SSH Send免費|APP試玩

Use it to quickly store a picture there, send a downloaded torrent file to it (if you have a torrent client app that watches a folder for any new files) or backup any data from your phone or tablet to your own cloud.

The application contains ads (via AdMob), but you can enable 'AdFree version' via the in-app purchase option.

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