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Salomi Restaurant, serving the finest Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine in the Valley now

has an App!

Now you can stay connected and checkout the freshest menu items along with specials, events and


Salomi, the first Indian restaurant in the Valley, is a family run restaurant proudly serving the Southern

California community since 1979. Salomi is a fine restaurant, in a beautiful setting, offering very

authentic Indian and Bangladeshi dishes.

Use this app to learn about Salomi's wide variety of traditional foods!

Salomi Restaurant has something for every palette and diner. Serving scrumptious appetizers including:

Quail Tandoori, Prawn Poori, Sautéed Mushroom, Tuna Kabab, Fish Pakora and more to tantalizing

curries such as: Rogan Josh, Mango Curry, Dansak, Lasoni Curry, Pasanda, Jalfrezi Dishes, Karahi-

Dishes, Dupiaza, Korma, Spinach(Sag), Balti, Coconut, Bhona, Makhani, Madras, our Famous Tikka

Masalas to our signature VOLCANO dishes! Salomi also provides the tastiest in traditional Indian

Breads as well as a wide variety of beverages including traditional Lassi, Indian Beer and Fine Wine.

The highly skilled Chef Ahmed invites you to come in and try the Valley's finest Indian Food served at

the first Indian restaurant in the Valley!


玩生活App|Salomi Indian & Bangladeshi Re免費|APP試玩

Download this app today and come in and checkout what Salomi is all about!

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玩生活App|Salomi Indian & Bangladeshi Re免費|APP試玩


And Much More!

玩生活App|Salomi Indian & Bangladeshi Re免費|APP試玩

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