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The player is a seed falling through a forest; from the canopy to the undergrowth. As the player descends; they encounter different layers of the forest. Each layer is characterized by a change in tone, color, and foliage. The journey starts in the light green layer at the top of the canopy, where the tone is contentment and safety. As the player falls they transition into the yellow layer, where the tone is worry and they must evade jutting branches that obstruct their path. They encounter an increasing number of branches until they plummet into the red layer, where they are confronted with thorns that further block their way. The difficulty ramps up until they plunge into the final layer, dark green. Bioluminescent plants inhabit this area, and when the player sinks into the earth they become bioluminescent themselves. The mood of this layer is serenity.

Samsara is developed by a motivated team of engineers and artists studying at Carnegie Mellon's ETC. It is an expressive, artistic game that is inspired by the issue of bullying.


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