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Scrabble Dico is an fast anagram solver (supporting wildcards), that will help you find the best playable words for games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, WordFeud, Words by Post, Word Game, DroidWords, WordSmith, WordWise & Word Mix.

Scrabble Dico supports English, French, Italian and Dutch official dictionaries (word lists), making itself perfect for both Scrabble enthusiasts and tournament players.


★ Intuitive interface

★ Super-fast anagram solver with WILDCARD support, thanks to its built-in word database and optimized anagram search engine:

(generating 1000 anagrams of 7 letters + 1 wildcard in input takes less than THREE seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S)

★ Displays the definition* of words in both Word Judge and Anagram modes (several dictionary sources are used to maximize results)

★ Anagram generation works even OFFLINE (the algorithm does not rely on any remote service)

玩娛樂App|Scrabble & Words WF Helper免費|APP試玩

★ Word Judge (to check the validity of a word)

* Internet connectivity is needed to get the definitions - Dutch definitions are not supported yet

★ Supported word lists/dictionaries:

- English: SOWPODS 2012 (Official tournament word list), TWL06, Words With Friends

- Français: ODS5

- Italiano: Zingarelli

- Nederlands: SWL

Limitations of the FREE version:

玩娛樂App|Scrabble & Words WF Helper免費|APP試玩

- A maximum of 14 letters (including 2 wildcards) is supported in "Find Anagrams" mode

- Ad-supported (non intrusives)

NB: This tool is designed to help your enrich your vocabulary and strategy skills, we do not endorse cheating in online games.

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