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Introducing S2end (Secure Send) messenger, which keeps your private life,100% secure and private. S2end gives you the power to encrypt messages, secure your messages, send and receive 100% safe!

Everyone has a part of their life that they would keep in secret and we do believe that messaging - whether trough social network, SMS or e-mail - is too insecure, unsafe and sometimes risky. We got the better of this problem with S2end, to be the best secure messaging system on the market.

Our Secure Messenger features:


玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ military grade security

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ additional encryptions: password, geolocation, dot-lock-style pin code, self destruct date

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ Secure Bag, to keep your messages only for yourself with the best security

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ virtually unhackable

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ attach files from your gallery – secure your photos

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ reply straight in the application

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

✔ sending secure and anonymus messages to "people without registration"

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

The best part is that S2end will not store ANY personal data, it means you can have peace of mind next time you share something important, nobody can see it, only you and the recipient.

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

Making this the most useful secure app for Android.

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

How our encryption message app works?

Simply type the targeted recipient's email adress into the sender box and add your private message. Then select the appropriate encryptions - these options included the ability to add an expiration date which allows the message to be deleted after the selected time-period. Just like your own private vault.

玩通訊App|Secure Send Private Messenger免費|APP試玩

Your recipient will be able to download the app and decrypt your message that has been secured by AES-128 bit encryption. This is virtually unhackable and ultra-secure, it means this is safe against brute force attacks.

What kind of encryptions can we use?

Password: You can choose anything you want, there is no length limitation or character limitation. The receiver has to type in the same combination or word as you did.

Geolocation: You can choose the exact location where the message can be opened. You can choose from the map, or you can search for an address. With the map's zoom you can set the circle's size and this area is going to be the location for message opening.

Dot-lock: This is the same like in every Android device. You can establish a pattern and the receiver has to make the same. You can use one dot only once.

Expiration date: You can select any kind of that you want, and after that time your message will be deleted.

Can I send message to non-registered user?

You can send messages to people without registration, because in that case they will receive an e-mail with a notification that they can download from web.

Can I store contacts?

For the easier usage if you have contacts on your phone, S2end will sync with it.

What is Secure Bag?

Furthermore, if your receiver needs to keep the messages, the message can be stored in the "Secure Bag", which is a cloud and secure storage space, where the message can be held safely.

Please note, S2end is not compatible with WhatsApp, Tigertext, Wickr, Snapchat, KIK, Skype, BBM, Kakao Talk, or Pingchat.

Secure your messages today with S2end - Your Private Messenger.

Do not hesitate, try it today for FREE!

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