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SessionTalk Android Edition is a SIP Phone for your Android OS device.

Use your favorite VoIP provider as the softphone is not tied to any particular one.

Not used VoIP? Sign up for free with a number of SIP compliant VoIP providers worldwide and make VoIP to VoIP calls free anywhere in the world. Save money on international calls.

On the move? With SessionTalk Android you can make VoIP calls wherever you have a 3G connection.

Please note some mobile network operators prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP over their networks and may impose additional fees or other charges. Please check with your operator before making calls over 3G.

SessionTalk Android features:

★ Supports making SIP VoIP calls over 3G and WiFi

★ Background support - receive calls whilst the app is in the background, switch between apps and stay on the call.

★ Multiple accounts - simultaneously registered. Receive calls on any registered account.

★ Set call background image to contact photo or custom image

★ Dial Plan

★ Dual Line

★ Swap between 2 active calls

★ Conference - Merge and Split

★ Attended and Unattended Transfer

★ TLS Encryption with optional certificate verification

★ SRTP secure calls

★ Bluetooth Support

★ Call Recording

玩通訊App|SessionTalk VoIP SIP Phone免費|APP試玩

★ Quick import of accounts from major VoIP providers

★ Excellent audio quality

★ G722, G711 ,GSM and iLBC codec support

★ G729 Annex A available as Premium Feature

★ Speakerphone, Mute and Hold

★ DTMF Support , RFC2833 and Inband

★ SIP Proxy support

★ Automatic service discovery using DNS SRV queries

★ STUN server support

★ Global IP

★ Ringtones

★ Contacts integration, add or edit contacts from within the app

★ Detailed Call history

★ Dial from Call History and Favorites

★ Voicemail Notifications


SessionTalk Android Edition is a SIP VoIP Phone not a service.

You must use SessionTalk with a SIP compliant VoIP provider or SIP PBX (server) to use this softphone product. Please contact your service provider or IT helpdesk for more information.

Check out our website for further info If you need technical support please email

玩通訊App|SessionTalk VoIP SIP Phone免費|APP試玩

[email protected]

玩通訊App|SessionTalk VoIP SIP Phone免費|APP試玩

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