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Favorites & shortcut Pro

Shortcut Launcher is Popup that show shortcut you want setting Application&Toggle by Only Volume Key Button

Shortcut Launcher Popup is shown everywhere when you pressed Volume Key Button. and if You click the Application, You can launch this application immediately.

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

When you press Button 'Start Service', Start favorites Popup.

When you press Button 'Stop Service', Stop favorites Popup.

You can Add/Remove application In Favorites Setting

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

- Add Application

The larger the number of applications, Loading is longer.

- About System Applications

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

System Application is made by Daybrush, Directly.

1.Wi-Fi Toggle : It is toggle that turn on / off Wi-Fi

2.Wi-Fi Settings : You can see Wi-Fi List,Settings.

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

3.Bluetooth Toggle : It is toggle that turn on / off Bluetooth

4.Bluetooth Settings : You can see Bluetooth Pairing List, Settings

5.Twitter : Through This Popup, you can write&send Tweet.

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

6.Mute : Set to mute the sound.

7.URL Link : Enter Link,page you want.

8. Soon(Facebook.. etc SNS)

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

Pop-up showing time can be adjusted in the settings,if you click or touch on the pop-up border, it is disappeared.

玩工具App|Shortcut&Favorites Pro免費|APP試玩

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