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The Signagelive player for Android turns your Android device into a digital signage media player. With the Signagelive for Android player enables passive, interactive and kiosk modes for playback of your media including support for Media RSS feeds.

In order to register and schedule content please sign up for a free 30 day Signagelive trial at

The Signagelive Player for Android has the following capabilities:

Two modes of operation: Kiosk and Interactive.


• Kiosk mode sets the first asset in a playlist as an interactive piece and will generally be a web page. The rest of the content in the playlist is used an attract loop. The interactive content can be set to either timeout or manually returned to the attract loop

• Interactive mode allows the user to use left/right gestures to move back/forward in the playlist. A touch or swipe up will display a menu with thumbnails of all the content which will enable the user to select an asset to jump to.

A swipe down in either mode will display the settings - this is password protected the default is 0000 and can be changed by the user.

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