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Do you have a child with autism, apraxia, delayed speech and language? Or maybe your child is a reluctant reader or is learning English as a second language or just likes to sing and be silly? If so, SillySongs is created just for you!! Interactive songs and games target sounds frequently misarticulated by children and individuals learning English as a second language. SillySongs promotes sound awareness, speech, language and early literacy/reading skills with silly lyrics, all set to familiar children’s melodies.

Predictability + Repetition +Interaction = Success!!

•Successfully published in hardcopy for 14 years: SillySongs for Phonology and Sound Awareness

•4.5 star reviews may be viewed at

玩教育App|SillySongs Kk免費|APP試玩

•User friendly for multiple environments: classrooms, preschools, speech therapy, English learners, early literacy and home

•Adaptable for multiple ages, abilities and developmental stages

Music is a tool for the whole brain: when listening to a song, the left brain ( language, logic, mathematics) processes the lyrics while the right brain (rhythm, rhyme, pictures, emotions ) processes the music. According to Howard Gardner, developmental psychologist and professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.

Be silly and sing!!

玩教育App|SillySongs Kk免費|APP試玩

Engage, Enrich, Enhance

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