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Welcome to the Android app for the Simi Valley Police Department. The Simi Valley Police Department app allows users to report issues or concerns directly from their Android device, with photos! There are useful links for community resources, crime prevention, and on-line reporting!

We have also included a personal property catalog that will enable users to take photos and record serial numbers of their valuables. In the event your property is lost or stolen, the user will be able to share the information with police so the exact item, description and identifying characteristics can aid in getting your property returned.

In addition, users can view the Simi Valley Police Department’s School Resource Officers, find Department contact information, View crime activity, explore the Simi Valley Police Department social media, press release feeds, and get answers to FAQs!

We hope you find this app useful in keeping Simi Valley a safe place to live, work and visit!

玩通訊App|Simi Valley Police Department免費|APP試玩

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