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Where IS Everybody?

With SimpleTrax GPS Service, You Know. Now!

Where are your kids? Your drivers? Your sales team?

With SimpleTrax GPS service, you'll know where all of these important people are all of the time.

SimpleTrax keeps you in touch using GPS technology on iPhone. In the days ahead, our app will work on any GPS-equipped cell phone, as well.

You'll save hundreds of dollars a year using SimpleTrax to monitor out-of-office staff. You don't need a dozen expensive, stand-alone, global positioning systems at $300 a pop. SimpleTrax monitors all staff locations for pennies a day.


Monitor the locations of dozens of GPS-equipped iPhones simultaneously.

Looking for Bob? Click. There he is.

With a simple text or call, re-route drivers to increase company productivity, message appointment cancellations or additions and stay in touch? the SimpleTrax way.

SimpleTrax enables you to pan and zoom directly on your iPhone screen, or on any web-connected PC to find drivers within a local or nationwide service area.

SimpleTrax is the easiest, most cost-efficient means of monitoring your people, your loved ones, friends and colleagues who've installed our SimpleTrax GPS application on their iPhone. Simply put, SimpleTrax is the only GPS service you need. Ever!

So, you've got nothing to lose. Are you ready to sign on with SimpleTrax GPS services? You're going to love saving money.

Even more, you're going to love knowing where everybody is.

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