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玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

Skymet Weather app now features forecast for most locations across the world. The forecasts are made highly accurate by processing complex meteorological data gathered from weather stations spread out in most countries along with satellite images sourced from more than a dozen satellites. This data is further strengthened by inputs from veteran meteorologists at Skymet constantly observing changing climatic trends.

With an easy-to-use interface, weather news and forecasts have never been simpler to access.

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

Perfectly plan your days with the Skymet Weather app.


- 7 days forecast

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

- Interactive widget

- Access to all favorite locations from widget

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

- On-the-go weather alerts notifying Monsoon rain, high temperatures, storms etc.

- 3-hourly forecasts

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

- Weather alert notifications

- Current temperatures

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

- 7500+ Indian locations

- 8 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Odiya, Tamil and Telugu

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

- Weather forecast videos

- Intuitive and user friendly interface

玩天氣App|Skymet Weather免費|APP試玩

- Latest weather news and stories on business, lifestyle, agriculture, global warming and water crisis.

- Easy share forecasts on social networks

- Report weather in your area and interact with us

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