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Get help at the scene of an accident, manage your home inventory, and more!

Getting into an accident can be scary, but you’re not alone.

Auto Accident Help reminds you and your family of the important steps to take in the event of an accident. It provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to collecting information right at the accident scene.


- Guides you through the steps you’ll need to take as you document the accident and submit a claim.

- Provides tips to help you stay calm.

- Automatically detects the accident date, time and location.*

玩商業App|Slade & Collins Insurance免費|APP試玩

- Helps you collect information from drivers, passengers, witnesses, and police.

- Provides an easy way to access your favorite auto-related phone numbers, like roadside assistance and repair shops.

- Produces a detailed accident report with attached photos, and contact information.

- Allows you to send your report to any email address.

玩商業App|Slade & Collins Insurance免費|APP試玩

- Keeps track of your submitted claims and accident reports.

- Provides answers to typical claim-related questions.

Keep track of your home inventory for your homeowner's insurance policy


- Create individual inventories for multiple homes, offices, etc.

玩商業App|Slade & Collins Insurance免費|APP試玩

- Store values, purchase dates, descriptions and photos.

- Generate a PDF report for your records

* You’ll need to create a report at the accident scene for the app to accurately record the date, time and location. This feature also requires that location services be available on your device.

玩商業App|Slade & Collins Insurance免費|APP試玩

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