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Smart Automate Profiles is an App for Android to automate the Device. "Locale" plug-ins are supported to accomplish this task.

It allows your phone to automatically perform tasks based on conditions you define. (e.g. ringer is silent at work or during night)

You can create profiles that bundle a set of tasks (provided by various plugins) which can be fired via shortcuts or custom rules.

Steps to Use:

Get into the application and you will find that there are three options located at the top of the main screen.

They are Rules, Profiles, and Options.

Click the Rules and you could create new rules.

Input the name of new rule. And the icon for the new rule could also be changed.

Click the icon on the right and you could get access to more icon.

Pick an icon and click the button of OK.

While creating new rule, you have to add new condition and task.

There are four types of new task for you to select, including time condition, date condition and battery state.

If you select the time condition, choose the start time and end time.

If you select the date condition, there are two ways to select date.

---Choose one or more days from weekdays from Monday to Sunday.

---Select calendar matching. Input keyword for matching. Enable only busy events or not.

If you select the battery state, you will face three options, charging, lower than X, or upper.

However, for the new task, you will have more choice.

---Bind profile to Rule


---Launch App

---Only activate profile

---Only deactivate profile

---Deactivate all profiles

---Disable scanning till a certain time.

Click the Profiles and you could add new profiles.

Similarly, while creating new profile, input the name and select an icon for it.

Select the new task to activate and deactivate.

For the new task to activate, there are four options to choose.

---Change ringtone.

---Wireless. It could be turned on and off quickly.


Here you could apply current settings on deactivation or not.

Turn on vibration on call or not.

Turn on vibration on notification or not.

Adjust the volume or ringer, notification, media and alarm .In addition, the volume of voice and system could also be changed by sliding.

--Display options

Slide to change the brightness and timeout.

More functions are waiting for you to explore.

Please note that if you activate the app, please deactivate it first while uninstalling.

玩工具App|Smart Automate Profiles免費|APP試玩

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