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Smart Lock is a smart app that intelligently lock/unlock your smart phone without touching it.

This app runs on Android 2.1+ devices having proximity sensor.

Note: There are some other apps of this kind on market but it has some unique features that make it distinct from other apps:

* No additional permissions required.

* No need to give the app administrative privileges.

* Beautiful and simple interface.

* Very easy to use (don't need to read manual to use the app).

* Small in size and cost.

The main objective of the app is to lock and screen off your smart phone immediately when it is not in use to save more battery.

When your phone is in your pocket or in phone cover, this app automatically locks and turn-off the phone screen to save battery.When you pull out your phone, this app automatically unlocks your phone and turn-on the phone screen to make it ready to use.

玩工具App|Smart Lock - Pro免費|APP試玩

I got the idea to build this app by using Blackberry phones. It uses sensors to turn-off screen when putting the phone in phone cover and immediately turn-on phone screen when pulling out the phone from phone cover.

There are several apps of this type in market but Smart Lock has some unique features that makes it distinct from others.

Here are some unique features of Smart Lock:

* Simple and user friendly interface.

* Easy to use.

* One touch to start/stop Smart Lock service.

* Intelligently lock/unlock device when service is activated.

* Option to auto start service on device boot.

* Show on-going notification when service is activated.

* Widget to start/stop service from home screen (in future updates).

玩工具App|Smart Lock - Pro免費|APP試玩

* Turn-off device screen and save battery.

* Faster and lighter than FREE version.

* Does not usages background data to save network traffic.

* RAM friendly.

* And some more...

Feel free to give your feedback/suggestion here:

It will help me to improve this app.

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玩工具App|Smart Lock - Pro免費|APP試玩

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玩工具App|Smart Lock - Pro免費|APP試玩

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