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An unique browser which uses minimal app permissions for speed and privacy.

One of the smallest browser offers most simplest and fast and no-nonsense free browser for Android Mobiles and Tablets. Comparison report with other browsers here

A browser which aims at

- Protecting privacy: Accesses only permissions needed unlike other browsers.

- Url shortening before sharing for ease of use and sharing via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other apps. Acts as a browser and Url Shortener too.

玩通訊App|SoShall Browser免費|APP試玩

"Best Android App to Share Urls Easily"

- Auto cleaning of browsing history for privacy

- Title bar acts as address bar to save precious screen space on mobiles.

- Sharing URLs socially with friends people over android apps like messaging, Whats App, Facebook or Twitter.

It has all the powerful features and a minimalist design making it one of most compact mobile browser for android. Makes you mobile screen appear larger.

It is best, simplest and free web browser for Android and works on all networks like WiFi, 2G, 3G or 4G.

User Comments


玩通訊App|SoShall Browser免費|APP試玩

"Easiest Url Sharing Experience"

"Safe Browsing Experience"

玩通訊App|SoShall Browser免費|APP試玩

"Much simpler browsing experience than other android browsers like Opera or Dolphin Mini"

"Never knew my screen was so large"

玩通訊App|SoShall Browser免費|APP試玩

"Best browser for Android"

Supported Features


玩通訊App|SoShall Browser免費|APP試玩

- HTML4, HTML5, JavaScript and Standard Browser Scripts.

Upcoming features


玩通訊App|SoShall Browser免費|APP試玩

- Settings for parental control, browsing timers

We appreciate feedback from users on

(C) SoShall Apps 2012.

Uses ActionBarSherlock, JQuery, JQueryMobile library, Apache license 2.0.

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