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Manage your Sonos system directly from your home-screen!

Sonos Widget brings many additional features not included in the official widget.


玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

- Two different widget types, ranging in size from 4x1 to 4x2.

- Fully customizable

- Displays relevant meta-data.

玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

- Volume control.

- Playback (Play, Pause, Next, Previous).

Additional features in Pro-version

玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

- DashClock Extension.

- Queue and favourites control.

- 4x4 Controller widget

玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

- 4x2 Keyguard widget.


• Select an Sonos Widget from your 'Widget'-drawer and add it to your home-screen. Follow the on-screen setup for connecting to your Sonos system.

玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩


• Please email

[email protected]

玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

if you have comments/questions/problems with this application.

• Leaving comments and ratings in the market is great, but I have no way of contacting you to respond to your comment.

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玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

This application is not endorsed by or associated with Sonos, Inc.

Not affiliated with Sonos, Inc. To learn more about Sonos and download the official Sonos app, please visit

玩音樂App|Sonos Widget免費|APP試玩

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