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Getting your Baby to focus and smile? “Animal sound” includes pairs of cute animals’ graphic and sound which surprises your baby in second. Don’t forget that would be the one of the best early educational practices, no matter it is used for keeping your baby focus or filling fun in Parent-Child time.Perfect for:* Babies 0-3 years old* Pre-kindergarten* Kindergarten 想你的幼兒笑哈哈、集中唔好亂咁郁?“Animal sound”具有不同的可愛動物圖畫及聲效,為你的幼兒帶來驚喜及歡樂。無論是讓你的幼兒容易集中或是在親子時間增添趣味,“Animal sound”都是幼兒教學的最佳選擇之一。適合對象:* 嬰兒 0-3 歲* 幼兒班* 幼稚園

玩教育App|Sound of Animal免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Sound of Animal免費|APP試玩

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