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玩娛樂App|Soundalia source of all sounds免費|APP試玩

400 noises, screams, cries, squeals and laughter to set as ringer, notification, or to scare his grandmother.

A source sound always with you. Dozen sounds gruped by category to be used in any occasion. You only have to choose when and with whom to use them:

玩娛樂App|Soundalia source of all sounds免費|APP試玩

Baby Crying, Baby Twins Laughing, Barking Dog, Breaking Glass, Chewbecca, Church Bells, Darth Vader Breath, Ding Ding Glass, Filling Glass, Lightsaber Fight, Old Man Laughing, Police Car Siren, Star Wars Emperor Laugh, Toilet Bowl, Train Horn, Water Drop 5, Wind Chime

Sports: Pool Shot, Bowling, Ball Bounce, Boxing Arena Bell, Airhorn, Swimming, Airhorn, Drag Race Moto, F1-1 Sec, Crowd Goes Wild, Basketball, Arena Crowd Cheer, Basketball, Bowling Ball, Sports Air Horn, Running

玩娛樂App|Soundalia source of all sounds免費|APP試玩

Nature: Birds After Rain, Forest, Ocean Waves, Rain, Fire, Thunder, Water Droplet 1, Water Droplet 2, Water Droplet 3, Water Droplet 4, Wood Cracking 1, Wood Cracking 2, Flame, Splash, Water Drop 5, Tiny The Angry Chihuahua, Barking Dog, Wind, Flock Of Birds, Bird Wing, Rain With Thunder, Thunder

Tech: Windshield Wiper, Coffee Pot, Camera (2), Macchina Fotografica (2), Camera, Alarm Clock, Eraser, Ciack, Spray Can, Rubber Ducky, Detuned Guitar, Sticky Tape, Hammer Hp4500 S, Car Door, Gun, Drum Roll (2), Drum Roll, Balloon Pop, Car Tire Screech, Locking Doors, Scary Creaking Doors, Car Accelerating, Door Closing, Train Horn, Sports Air Horn, Popping Champagne Cork, Clock Ticking, Police Car Siren, Siren Catastrophy Alert, Toilet Bowl, Braking, Crash, Big Ben, Plane Overhead, Church Bells

玩娛樂App|Soundalia source of all sounds免費|APP試玩

Human: Small Crowd Applause, Finger Snapping, Cellar Stairs, High Pitch Girl Laugh, Hearbeat 2, Heart Beat, Baby Talk, Funny Baby Laughing, Crunching, Scratching, Sneezing, Footsteps 1, Footsteps 2, Footsteps 3, Short Burp, Fart Short, Baby Cooing 14 Sec, Baby Cooing 5 Sec, Baby Cooing 3 Sec, Baby Cooing 3 Sec (3), Baby Cooing 3 Sec (2), Baby Cooing 2 Sec, Baby Cooing 2 Sec (4), Baby Cooing 2 Sec (3), Baby Cooing 2 Sec (2), Applause 13 Sec, Applause 10 Sec, Applause 9 Sec, Applause 9 Sec (2), Applause 7 Sec, Applause 7 Sec (2), Applause 6 Sec, Applause 4 Sec, Crowd Laughter, Burp (3), Burp (2), Long Burp, Crowd Goes Wild, Haircut Scissors, Squawker Blowouts, Brushing Teeth, Breath, Gargle, Yawning, Arena Crowd Cheer, Apple Crunch, Star Wars Emperor Laugh, Matrix Agent Smith Laughs, Joker Laugh (Michael Jackson'S Thriller), Witch Laughing, Snoring, Heartbeat, Tantrum, Baby Crying, Laugh, Walking Through Leaves, Walking On Gravel, Baby Laugh, Old Man Laughing, Dutch Anchorman With Hysterical Laughter, Baby Twins Laughing, Running, Slap, Huooo (Painful), Huuuuoo

Engines And Transportation: Helicopter Pass, Tractor, Motorcycle, Turn Signal, Car Shift, Train On Rails, Idle Helicopter, Car Ignition (4), Treno, Drag Race Moto, Engine Stall, Fery Horn, Clacson, Car Door Open 2, Car Window Close, Seat Belt 2, Car Window Open, Seat Belt 1, Key Ignition Insert, Glove Compartment Close (1), Glove Compartment Open, Key Ignition Remove, Glove Compartment Close (2), Key Door Insert, Handbrake Release, Handbrake, Car Stick Shift, Key Door Remove, F1-1 Sec, Sedan Door Close, F1-1 Sec, Car Locked Honk, Car Ignition (4), Car Ignition (1), Car Ignition (2), Car Ignition (3), Car Idle, Car Honk Short Double, Car Honk Long, Car Door Slamming, Car Door Handle, Car Door Close, Car Cigarette Lighter Out, Car Cigarette Lighter In, Car Central Lock (2), Car Central Lock (1), Carburetor, Car Alarm, Braking (1), Braking (2), Biplane, Best Car Drift, Backfire, Airplane Passing, Airplane Interior (3), Airplane Interior (2), Airplane Interior (1), Airplane, Jet Landing, Hammer Hp4500 S, Car Door, Car Tire Screech, Car Accelerating, Police Car Siren, Ferrari 430

玩娛樂App|Soundalia source of all sounds免費|APP試玩

Animals: Godzilla Walking, Godzilla, Duck, Goatkid, Goat Howl, Horned Owl, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Turkey Call, Seagulls, Pig, Hawk Screeching, Dawn Chorus, Bee Hive, Canadian Geese Migration, Dinosaur, Cow, Birds After Rain, Crows Calling, Laughing Kookaburra Birds, Hen, Flies ...

and mooore

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