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玩個人化App|Speaking dossan[TRIAL]免費|APP試玩

Don't call me Droid, call me Dossan!

In this Livewallpaper, Dossan will talk, and sounds come out from your device!

Dossan doesn't like to be touched, so if you touch him, he will get really angry!!

●The number of the voices is approximately 2 times with the paid version.

玩個人化App|Speaking dossan[TRIAL]免費|APP試玩

●Dossan doesn't like to be touched. If you touch him, he will get really angry.

●Dossan eats his favorite deseart, and also hie will get chased by

●Don't touch, and wait a few minutes. Dossan might start talking to you.

●Dossan only speaks Japanese.


玩個人化App|Speaking dossan[TRIAL]免費|APP試玩

taliking livewallpaper、Character、Doroid、Dossan、agly

▼compatible OS

Android OS 2.1 or later can use live wallpapers.

▼To use


・【Tap your homescreen】>【wallpaper】>【livewallpaper】


玩個人化App|Speaking dossan[TRIAL]免費|APP試玩

・Able to remove this app to your SD card with Android OS 2.1 or later.

・If you move this app to SD card, it could fail to auto start during the phone reboot, so you need to set it again. This beahviour could happen to all live wallpaper apps and also depends on the phone type.

・If there is any error on update, uninstall the previous version and then install again.

玩個人化App|Speaking dossan[TRIAL]免費|APP試玩

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