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玩工具App|Speed Radar Cam免費|APP試玩

turn your android device into a speed radar camera or laser speed cannon with full-automatic speed measuring of moving objects.

measure and save the speed of cars, trucks, bikes, planes...

works like a velocity measuring photoelectric sensor.

works from nearly any direction (best from the side).

can measure m/s,km/h or mph.

takes photos with speed information for viewing later.

玩工具App|Speed Radar Cam免費|APP試玩

has voice output.

Quick Start:

1. Mount or fix your device (for e.g. lean against window or tape it somewhere)

2. Move the 2 circles with your fingers to 2 points you can guess the distance of one to another (for e.g. length of cars/stripes) and which are both passed by the objects you want to measure

3. Enter the distance into the blue textbox (the blue line in the image represents your distance)

玩工具App|Speed Radar Cam免費|APP試玩

4. Press Start

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