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Split Expenses is an application designed to split and calculate shopping costs among people. Whether you are in holiday trip with friends, at home with your flatmates or any other circumstance, by inserting the number of people (between 2 and 4) and the mounts that everybody paid, the app will show you how much money one owes another.

Future developments:

is already in development a version with the following characteristics:

玩財經App|Split Expenses免費|APP試玩

1) Increased the maximum number of users to 8 (or perhaps 10).

2) Ability to share the final statement for SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, etc..

玩財經App|Split Expenses免費|APP試玩

3) Notification to the change in spending by other users.

4) and many other features: D: D

玩財經App|Split Expenses免費|APP試玩

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