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The spontaneous photo sharing app for life and business. Never miss an unforgettable moment.

Whether you are running a business or a race, at a festival or just enjoying a night out Spontly is the app for you! At an event simply use Spontly to take photos and watch them seamlessly share with those around you.

Replace the disposable camera with Spontly and experience the excitement of the Event Stream.

Every photo taken at an event is shared in the Event Stream, allowing you see the live action from a different perspective.

Share with everyone. Your Spontly moments can be easily shared to Facebook & Twitter, great if you’re a business looking to create a hassle free photo gallery.

Event Streams are automatically saved, so you can relive your memories from every angle.


Stay on top of events with notifications & messaging, plus get vouchers from Spontly partners

Easily invite friends & family to events that can be either public or private

Want your Event Streams to automatically sync to an instant album on your website? Just use our website plug-in, easy even for technophobes! Visit: Business.Spontly.com.

Spontly makes photo sharing a breeze. From weddings to rock concerts, from corporate events to birthday parties, you will never miss that perfect shot.

Share and view pictures through the Event Stream

Collaborate by giving and receiving likes, as well as commenting

Personalise your photos with filters such as Black & White, Sepia and Coquin

Relive all your past memories and post photos to Facebook & Twitter


Automatic sharing & synching

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