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Spot The Color is a fun app for your child to name and identify all the basic colors.

This game is designed for toddlers aged 1 and up.

The game scene includes colorful star characters floating in bubbles that emerge from a bathtub.

The app features two modes:

★ Explore Colors ★

This is a good starting point for children that are not familiar with color names,

the player will pop colorful bubbles and get a voice feedback declaring the name of that color.

You'll notice that sooner rather than later your child will start declaring the color names by himself!

Once you master the color names it's time to move on to the next level..

玩教育App|Spot The Color Free免費|APP試玩

★ Identify Colors ★

This is the more advanced mode. A narrator will say a color name. The goal is to pop bubbles matching the declared color.

This is the FREE trial version of "Spot The Color" It includes only the three base colors:

Blue, Yellow, Red.

For the Full list of colors check the full version of the game (selling for $0.99)

★ Don't speak English? NO PROBLEM! We have included voiceovers for the 10 most popular languages:

1. English

2. Français

3. Deutsch

玩教育App|Spot The Color Free免費|APP試玩

4. Español

5. Italiano

6. русский

7. हिंदी

8. 日本人

9. 한국의

10. 中國的

You can always contact us at:

玩教育App|Spot The Color Free免費|APP試玩

rem[email protected]

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玩教育App|Spot The Color Free免費|APP試玩

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