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玩教育App|St Therese’s - Torquay免費|APP試玩

The St Therese’s Torquay App keeps students, families and the broader school community connected and up to date with the latest information from St Therese’s School.

App features include:

• News panel with a latest news feed direct from the school website

• Notifications system allowing you to subscribe to alerts and reminders from the school

玩教育App|St Therese’s - Torquay免費|APP試玩

• Events calendar providing a listing of upcoming events

• Documents library which contains newsletters, forms and policies

玩教育App|St Therese’s - Torquay免費|APP試玩

• Gallery which showcases school life through images and video

• Contact information and website link

The St Therese’s School App is brought to you through the Victorian Catholic Schools Website Service (VCSWS) and powered by Fraynework.

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