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Stand Up For Yourself Against Street Harassment is the free app with the long name that links the user to helpful resources in State College, PA in situation where you feel threatened or unsafe.

Primary Features:

1. Report To Police - A feature that utilizes your phone's GPS to locate the State College police station, directions to the station, and provides our local police station's contact information.

2. Safe Refuge - Your phone's GPS pinpoints the local women's shelter, provides directions to get there, and offers ways to communicate with them for help.

Secondary Features:

玩生活App|Stand Up For Yourself免費|APP試玩

1. Document What Happened - Share your story of street harassment to add to the research being conducted to learn who is affected by this public form of sexual harassment.

2. A Facebook Group

3. Twitter feed

4. Links to Get Involved - Help to eradicate this prevalent type of harassment, learn ways to respond to harassment incidents, and get informed on laws that protect your right to feel safe.

This app was designed by a PhD student in Art Education and Women's Studies who works, lives, and researches at the Pennsylvania State University at University Park.

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