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玩天氣App|Starn Weather Widget免費|APP試玩

Starn Meteo Widget is a free and open source software.

This widget displays the meteo on your android desktop.

How to add the widget on your home screen:

玩天氣App|Starn Weather Widget免費|APP試玩

- Long press on the home screen until the display fades-out and you see a menu

- Hit “Widgets”

玩天氣App|Starn Weather Widget免費|APP試玩

- Choose which widget you want, then long press on it and drag it into place on your device’s home screen

This software use open weather as data source, and Yannick Lung 's free icons from iconfinder.

The source code is available here:

玩天氣App|Starn Weather Widget免費|APP試玩

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