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玩個人化App|Steel Will for Cobo免費|APP試玩

Cobo Themes are designed for Cobo Launcher.

What does a theme consist of?

☆Widgets: unique designed widgets on each home screen.

☆Wallpaper: carefully selected wallpaper for every theme.

☆Icons: designed icons of popular Apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and so on.

☆Icon Frame: beautify all your icons once for all.

All you need we have designed for you. What you need to do is Tap Once, and Beautify All of your phone.

Could a theme be customized?

Of course, you can customize almost everything on your home screens.

玩個人化App|Steel Will for Cobo免費|APP試玩

☆Long press and get into LAYOUT page to change grid and icon size.

☆Long press and get into WALLPAPERS to customize your favorite wallpaper.

☆Tap into Cobo Theme to choose icon packs and other themes you like.

☆Slide up to the App Drawer and drag icons or widgets to the home sceens.

Request themes?

No problem! As long as it conforms the Google Play Developer Content Policy, we would love to design any theme for you for free! Please send your requested themes to [email protected].

And you know what, if a theme is originally designed by yourself, we will sign your name on the page of Google Play of the theme!

Find us:

- Email ([email protected])

- Facebook (

Let’s make a great Cobo Launcher TOGETHER!

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