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The mind is in charge of metabolism...change your mind, change your's really as easy as that. You'll see a new you and you'll feel great about it!!!

Daytime Affirmations are a completely safe, straightforward, drug-free and 100% natural alternative. These recordings are developed and recorded by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed, Clinical Hypnotherpist. As half-hour scripts from a full hypnosis session, they provide positive affirmations without any music or relaxation suggestions. Daytime hypnosis reinforces and affirms the power of hypnosis - during the daytime! Android users can play these affirms throughout the day to empower themselves.

Hypnosis: Why it's the most effective way to start losing weight...

Don’t you sometimes wish there was some easier way? By the time you are thinking about eating something unhealthy for you, it is too late. Once the devil is on your shoulder, how many battles with him can you win? The easiest way to lose weight is to continually place supportive positive thoughts into your subconscious brain before errant poor-choice thoughts start.

The need for nurturing is there in all of us, and weight gain can be a symptom. No matter why you want to loose weight, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be an easy helpful part. You have nothing to lose but extra pounds. Who wants to battle cravings and have should I or shouldn’t I thoughts all day? By the time you are wondering should I or shouldn’t I, you are already geared to fight. Perhaps you can fight it but why bother wasting energy that you can use to move your life forward in a more productive manner? Wouldn’t it be nice to lose weight without having to fight all the time?

At the most basic level, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are about not fighting yourself, not struggling to get where you are going. Mesmerize yourself into aligning your needs and your wants so you are not fighting yourself. Sometimes you want to lose weight fast, without having to work at it. You want to lose weight while you listen to daytime affirmations, you want to speed up your metabolism, you want to gain muscle and look great, we all do.

Being vigilant all the time can be boring and joyless. That’s not what life should be about. Daytime affirmations are here to make your life better. Most of the time we want to be healthy, inside and out. But sometimes, we just don’t care. We want to crawl under the blankets and rock back and forth and nurture ourselves. How can we have it both ways?

Hypnotherapy reaches the subconscious parts of our brain that have conflicting wants that can sabotage our stated conscious goals. Listening to daytime affirmations can reinforce the support we crave to heal ourselves on a daily basis and make ourselves more whole, something everyone needs.

玩健康App|Steve Jones Affirm Weight Loss免費|APP試玩

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