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玩個人化App|StickMan LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

Overachiever, but innocent Stick Man's playful comedy!?

Just looking at this wallpaper makes us happy♪


★You can choose the background from a note,

cross-section paper, Japanese writing paper, cork and desk.

However, cork and desk are available in the PaidVersion only. Please enjoy the background you like!!

★React to a tap!? You should try it!!

★If he is lazy, give him a tap!!

★Stick Man takes various actions!! (PaidVersion has more patterns of actions than FreeTrialVersion.)

★You can set your favorite photograph as a background image that is stored on your mobile device! (*Paidversion only)

★The color of Stick man can be set to your favorite color. (*Paidversion only)

★You can buy additional action pack of StickDog!(*Paidversion only)

玩個人化App|StickMan LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

★It corresponds to a horizontal screen.

★It came to be able to store it on the SD card.(*OS2.2 or more)(*When you set it as wall paper, please save (move) it in the main body. The setting may returns to a default when you reboot.)

The "Stickman" of popular live wallpaper has appeared in the game!


【BOULYMPIC LiveWallpaper】


We have significantly improved the function in version 3.0.The background and stick man’s color(*) set from my picture(*) are released byversion upgrade. Sorry to trouble you, but please set it again. (*Paidversion only)

※Setting method:home screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper

※According to memory conditions,it may not be able to set normally. In that case, please restart your portable terminal and set it again.

※If you exit live wallpaper,it may not be able to exit normally by using task end application program such as task killer. Please exit it after setting other live wallpapers.

※When not normally working by updating it, it improves it when doing by reinstalling it after uninstalling it.

※When updating it with setting the wallpaper, the screen may turn black in the case of OS2.1.You can set it correctly by resetting after setting other live wall papers. It's a feature for OS, and it contains improved OS2.2.

【New function addition! Live wall papers and themes are all you can use!】

Live wallpapers and themes are all you can use when registering to the monthly member!

玩個人化App|StickMan LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

Let's customize with live wallpapers and themes!

■What is monthly membership?

It is profitable limitlessly usable service of live wallpapers and the themes that uistore delivers for a monthly fee.

・Contents for the monthly will be addied one after another.

※A part of contents is excluded.

It is necessary to download home application "Final Launcher" for the monthly member registration.

・ Final Launcher download URL

・Compatible models: Android 2.3.3 over

■Monthly member registration method

・You can register from "Monthly member" in Home setting after pressing the menu button of Final Launcher.

・You can register from the advertisement displayed on the home screen of live wallpaper of free version for the monthly member.

※If you have uninstalled the Final launcher during the monthly member, all live wallpapers you had installed will automatically be turned to limited version.

The use of full version of live wallpaper and the theme by the monthly member registration operates only by "Final Launcher".

玩個人化App|StickMan LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

Please note that other home applications return to the limitation version.

玩個人化App|StickMan LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

StickMan LiveWallpaper 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩StickMan LiveWallpaper App免費

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