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Gunter Demnig’s Stolpersteine have been installed in Bochum since 2004. You can find them throughout the city embedded into the pavement outside the last homes of the victims of National Socialism. With this app you can quickly and easily locate all of Bochum’s Stolpersteine.

Stolpersteine are small memorial plaques which, when taken all together, create a historical monument. Many of the residents of Bochum participate in the project by sponsoring a Stolpersteine and researching the biography of the person being commemorated.

App features:

• Find Stolpersteine in your area and other places

玩教育App|Stolpersteine in Bochum免費|APP試玩

• Search for Stolpersteine by victim’s name, street or postcode

玩教育App|Stolpersteine in Bochum免費|APP試玩

• Read biographies of people commemorated by the Stolpersteine

Do you you know the names of any victims? Use this app to search for Stolpersteine laid in their memory. Are you new to the area? Using GPS, the app plots all the Stolpersteine near you on a map.

This app is an open source project with contributions from Jing Li, Claus Höfele, Hendrik Spree, Rachel Höfele, Tom Reinert, and Peter Jeschke (

For more information about Gunter Demnig's art project:

Data source: Stadt Bochum (

For questions or suggestions, please e-mail [email protected]; we'll be happy to help.

玩教育App|Stolpersteine in Bochum免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Stolpersteine in Bochum免費|APP試玩

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