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玩天氣App|Sunshine (Udacity Coursework)免費|APP試玩

This app is coursework from the Udacity 'Android Fundamentals' personal development training course. As such it is is NOT intended for actual use. There are several 'rough edges'.

NO reliability updates, feature requests, enhancements or bug-fixes will be performed on this app!

Udacity Course Summary.

Android Fundamentals blends theory and practice to help you build great Android apps. In this course, you'll learn the best practices of mobile development in general and Android development in particular while working on the 'Sunshine' application.

Sunshine is a basic weather app that uses the Open Weather API to provide users with a 10 day forecast of the weather at their chosen location. Some boiler-plate code is provided, but students must complete assignments by undertaking increasingly complex tasks within the code as the programme progresses. The main instructor's code base can be found online in GitHub under 'Sunshine 2'.

Course Syllabus.

This course is provided by Udacity and based on content provided by Google Inc the makers of Android. It covers the use of:-

• Android Studio & Gradle

• User Interface and Layout managers

• ListViews & Adapters

• Threading & ASyncTask

• HTTP requests, web APIs

• Android Permissions

• App navigation with Explicit Intents

• Implicit Intents to incorporate 3rd-party apps

• Share Intent & Android sharing framework

• Broadcast Intents & Receivers

• Activity lifecycle

• SQLite databases

玩天氣App|Sunshine (Udacity Coursework)免費|APP試玩

• JUnit tests

• Creating and using a Content Providers

• Loaders & asynchronous loading of data

• Bind UI components to Content Providers with Adapters

• Android design principles

• Localization and variable screen sizes

• Tablet UIs & Fragments

• Accessibility

• Custom views

• Background services

• Alarms

• Efficient data transfers with SyncAdapters

玩天氣App|Sunshine (Udacity Coursework)免費|APP試玩

• Rich notifications

The course rated as 'advanced'. It requires about 60 hours of study and a reasonable level of previous Java experience.

玩天氣App|Sunshine (Udacity Coursework)免費|APP試玩

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