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*** Supercam DreamOneX APP ***

This APP software is dedicates to all applications of DreamOneX waterproof WiFi/GPS/WDR motorcycle digital video recorder (DVR), the user could execute all operations through this APP. Below are the function descriptions of each option:

Home: Supercam relevant product advertisements, including video instruction, new products information, etc. (by picture display)

Play :

(a) to playback the video files directly from the host.

(b) to search the video files according to either file name or required date/time, then click save/delete to download/remove the video files from the host.

PS. Before proceeding “play” “Save” “Setup”, please adjust the connection mode of the mobile to “flight mode” to prevent the interference from incoming calls.

Live View :

玩工具App|Supercam DreamOneX免費|APP試玩

(a) to start/stop the recording through APP.

(b) to watch the live view directly from the host.

(c) to proceed SOS emergency recording.

Save :

(a) to search files by the file name or date/time

(b) to delete the unnecessary files

Set Up :

(a) to restore the default setting.

玩工具App|Supercam DreamOneX免費|APP試玩

(b) to adjust the image quality (including EV/Sharpness/Contrast/Saturation/Resolution/WDR).

(c) to adjust the sound/volume.

(d) to adjust the date and time.

(e) to turn ON/OFF G-sensor and its sensitivity.

(f) to modify WiFi account and password and other software settings.


*** The ONE of Professional Data Event Recorder Specially for Heavy Motorcycle in Marketplace ***

The Description of DreamOne X-series:

玩工具App|Supercam DreamOneX免費|APP試玩

* All set designed/manufactured/quality inspected in Taiwan (全機台灣設計製造生產品管)

* (X680/690) Full HD 1080p dual lens (X680/690) (Full HD 1080P雙鏡頭)

* F1.8 large aperture WDR with crystal night view quality (F1.8大光圈WDR市售夜視最清晰)

* SGS certified IPX6 level fully waterproof (SGS認證全機防水IPX6等級)

* 9H strengthening coating lens (9H鍍膜強化玻璃鏡片)

* 3mm reinforced metal housing with anti-vibration & impact resistance (3mm強化金屬機身耐震耐衝擊)

* Highly functional WiFi live view/images recording/files downloading (高效能WIFI即時錄影觀看下載)

* Humanized multifunctional image type APP (圖像式人性化多功能APP)

玩工具App|Supercam DreamOneX免費|APP試玩

* Instant recording、SOS enforced recording (即時錄音、SOS強制錄影)

Multifunctional control box、Colorful indicative lights (多功能線控盒、靚彩指示燈號)

Copyrighted; All Rights Reserved

The team of Aurostars Technology Co. Ltd.

玩工具App|Supercam DreamOneX免費|APP試玩

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