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Please try out the free version before purchasing to make sure you are satisfied with the application.

This is an application un-locker for Surgery Tracker that converts the trial version into Classic Account. All data is stored locally on the phone in this version.

Please note that this is not a standalone app and only acts like a license key and you still need the free/trial application.

After installing the un-locker, make sure to completely exit Surgery Tracker by pressing the Back button and restart it. You should now be running the classic version. You can check this by going to the View Account screen.


Surgery Tracker is an application developed to help medical professionals (Surgeons, Anaesthetist, etc) to track surgeries.

玩醫療App|Surgery Tracker Classic免費|APP試玩

This application allows you to track all your surgeries so you can concentrate on your work and the application will track all details of the surgery like patient, insurance, case sheet, payments across all hospitals you may visit.


玩醫療App|Surgery Tracker Classic免費|APP試玩

Use our G+ Community for discussion, feature request or to post bugs:

For any questions, problems or wishes please email us or post in our G+ community. Thank you for using Surgery Tracker

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