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A conference for women, all about the Word! Plenary speakers will unfold the book of Nehemiah—the story of God's people returned to a broken-down city and called to trust God's Word at a point of great need. It's about God redeeming a people for himself through his Son. This is our story. We'll focus on listening to this in light of it...helping others hear it...worshiping according to it...waiting on the Spirit who inspired it...exalting Jesus at the center of it.

玩商業App|TGC Women's Conference 2014免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|TGC Women's Conference 2014免費|APP試玩

The Pre-Conference focuses on God’s good purposes in his creation of human beings as male and female. We’ll highlight Scripture’s teachings concerning men and women in the church and in marriage, and we’ll talk about these teachings both theologically and personally.

玩商業App|TGC Women's Conference 2014免費|APP試玩

Workshops on Saturday afternoon are offered in themed tracks, with topics from theology to sexuality...from evangelism to writing...from the persecuted church to the ministry of hospitality. Check out the range of speakers God has allowed us to bring together for this event. Optional “focus gatherings” with many of the speakers will consist of size-limited discussion groups selected at registration.

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    A conference for women, all about the Word! Plenary speakers will unfold the book of Nehemiah—the story of God's people returned to a broken-down city and  ...

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