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TOEFL Prep TestBank

Take TOEFL TestBank questions for a free test drive. If you think they'll help you max your TOEFL score, subscribe. You may cancel anytime.

What's On the TOEFL

The largest and most comprehensive TOEFL question database.

• Rationale for every question, so you'll understand why an answer is correct.

• Take unlimited mock tests in all subject areas, or target selected subjects.

• Performance Statistics: Know where you stand in every subject.

• Retake entire test or only missed questions: Maximum retention.

• Favorite Option: Flag specific TOEFL questions for review later.

• Question Timer: Keeps you in check - avoid running out of time on exam day.

Adaptive Learning Technology

TOEFL TestBank is continually re-calibrated every time you answer a question, based on your personal performance.

TOEFL TestBank Questions

TOEFL questions along with guideline answers focusing on every subject area. Practicing these TOEFL questions will greatly reduce your risk of encountering surprises on exam day.

Rationale Given for Every Question

This makes TOEFL TestBank truly stand-alone. You will not need to refer to another source while you are using TestBank. Your learning will be more efficient since everything you need to know is in front of you.

You Choose Which TOEFL Subjects to Study

玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

Depending on your learning needs or time frame, you can decide to take a specific number of questions randomly selected from all of the subject areas, any combination of the subjects, or an individual subject.

Your TOEFL Performance is Tracked

Your performance is displayed when you open the app, allowing you to track your progress and target your studies. All performance remains confidential.

Questions Seen Least

TestBank knows which questions you have seen/answered the least often. When you choose this option, the questions that you have seen the least number of times will display first.

Questions Missed Most

TestBank tracks when you get a question incorrect. Focus on questions that you've missed most often.

TOEFL Prep TestBank:

玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

• Simulates actual test-taking

• Keeps you focused

• Saves you time

• Strengthens your weak areas

玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

• Reinforces your strong areas

• Tracks your progress

• Solidifies concepts

• Improves your memory

玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

• Familiarizes you with past TOEFL questions

• Makes your studying efficient

• Builds your confidence

Put the TOEFL questions in your pocket and prep efficiently.


玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

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玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

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玩教育App|TOEFL Prep TestBank Questions免費|APP試玩

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