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玩商業App|Tablet Waiter免費|APP試玩

Tablet Waiter is an all in one solution for your bar or restaurant. It allows your customers to place orders from their table which automatically gets sent to the kitchen without the need for waiters. Customers can also call the waiter with the touch of a button and view their outstanding bill.

Tablet Waiter runs on most popular tablet computers and also gives store owners real time data on orders and earnings while freeing up waiters to provide better customer service to your customers.

“Say good bye to paper menus !! ”

You have a fully automatic menu which will make your restaurant or cafe more efficient and mordern. The Tablet Waiter app is a 4 in 1 app, with the following mode of operation: Customer Mode, Waiter Mode, Kitchen Mode and Cashier Mode.

Keep your current cash register and payment method. Try it for free now.


1. Create an account on the tablet waiter website (free)

玩商業App|Tablet Waiter免費|APP試玩

2. Create menu items and pages for your store, including images for each item

3. Download the tablet waiter app from the app store

4. Enter your linkcode provided from the registration on the tablet waiter website

5. Your app will download all the items and pages you created on the tabletwaiter website

6. Place the app on each table in your shop, waiters and kitchen area.

7. Start collecting orders in store


玩商業App|Tablet Waiter免費|APP試玩

· Have your menu on a tablet device in your restaurant

· Customers order their items via the app instore

· The orders are automatically sent to the kitchen

· Kitchen staff can start processing the order

· Keep your same payment methods. The app does not handle payment

· Customers can see their outstanding orders and total at any time

· Customers can call the waiter via the app

玩商業App|Tablet Waiter免費|APP試玩

· Customers can request the bill via the app

· Customers can send the store owner a comment via the app

· Waiters can use the app to place orders on

· Waiters can cancel orders for customers

· Waiters can see the status of each order

· Swapping a device in a table automatically downloads the table's orders to the device

· View your restaurant's sale online

玩商業App|Tablet Waiter免費|APP試玩

· Easy to add new devices

· Easy to add new menu items and change prices

玩商業App|Tablet Waiter免費|APP試玩

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