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Do you talk too much? Do your friends or family roll their eyes when you dominate a conversation? Are you hearing from people less and less because they can't get a word in edgewise?

In the United States, this is a common condition. But you can do something about it - learn how to have a balanced conversation with TalkTrainer, the pocket conversation "coach" that helps you learn more about how to talk with others.

TalkTrainer has a special timer exercise where you're given a topic and then you're told to talk about it out loud. After you're finished, the timer reveals just how long you spoke. Some of you may be surprised...

TalkTrainer also has a 10-question quiz to check what you know about talking with others. Use the Conversation Quiz regularly to practice what you know about chatting with others.

If you're at a loss for knowing how to actually start a conversation, TalkTrainer has you covered there, also. By presenting a set of phrases and questions everyone should always know, you'll learn the right way to start a talk with someone close to you - and not just a one-sided talk about yourself.

Even if you're shy and talk too little, you'll find TalkTrainer helpful in reminding you of the kind of things you can say to start a conversation and keep it going.

Use TalkTrainer once a week (or more often if you like) and practice your conversation skills in private, then try your newly improved skills on friends, family and colleagues. In just a few uses, you'll be sure to learn something new about conversing you never knew before - even if it's just how long you (think you) talk!

So try the free pocket aid to help you talk to others in your life. And stop running them off, with TalkTrainer!

玩社交App|TalkTrainer Conversation Aid免費|APP試玩

玩社交App|TalkTrainer Conversation Aid免費|APP試玩

玩社交App|TalkTrainer Conversation Aid免費|APP試玩

玩社交App|TalkTrainer Conversation Aid免費|APP試玩

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