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玩生產應用App|Task Marker -Task List Planner免費|APP試玩

Enjoy a better way of how you see your tasks!

TaskMarker is a personal task organizer.It has been designed for displaying all your tasks as most information you want to know in the most simple way. It provides you all the tasks and their details at anytime you want. TaskMarker also helps you and everyone in your groups share your tasks in a much more easier way. TaskMarker is free and it will be forever. Try TaskMarker and enjoy a better way of how you see all your tasks.

■ Understand all your tasks - Task Marker helps you showing all the tasks you have, sort them by order of time and display the remaining time you have before coming to the due time.

■ Create Group and Share your tasks easily - Task Marker helps you share all your tasks among all the members in your group in a very simple way.

■ See you tasks offline - Task Marker can work even there is no internet connection.You can see and track all the tasks you have anytime.

■ Multi-Language Support - Task Marker can works with tasks in most of the languages, you can create, look and share your tasks without worrying about weird languages problems.

玩生產應用App|Task Marker -Task List Planner免費|APP試玩

玩生產應用App|Task Marker -Task List Planner免費|APP試玩

玩生產應用App|Task Marker -Task List Planner免費|APP試玩

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