Taxi Hotline Driver|不限時間玩交通運輸App

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玩交通運輸App|Taxi Hotline Driver免費|APP試玩

The top service provider many years.

玩交通運輸App|Taxi Hotline Driver免費|APP試玩

Introducing the App for the best drivers in the city.

玩交通運輸App|Taxi Hotline Driver免費|APP試玩

Where you can manage everything on fingertips with the

玩交通運輸App|Taxi Hotline Driver免費|APP試玩

latest technology.

Drivers can benfit from this App such as:

Saves gas and time by showing driver customer's exact location.

-Keep track of important events which is helpful for driver to make better decisions.

-No waiting time as customer and dispatcher gets notification as soon as driver is at the pickup point.

-Combined with our backend software, if needed drivers can get call data(taxes etc.) for upto 3 years.

玩交通運輸App|Taxi Hotline Driver免費|APP試玩

Remember drivers: if you want to get jobs quickly please keep the app open at all times during your shift. Use a phone cradle for safety and keep your phone plugged in to ensure the battery is fully charged.

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