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玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩

Techfunder is an easy and beautiful way to browse Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowd funding projects and track your favourites and contributions.

Why choose between a Kickstarter app and an Indiegogo app when you can have both in one!?

- What can you do with Techfunder?

With Techfunder you can:

* Browse for free projects in Technology, Games and Design

* Upgrade to browse additional 10+ categories, including Film, Comics, Art, Fashion and much more. Customise the navigation menu to only show the categories you care about.

玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩

* Watch the project pitch videos

* Upgrade and add your Kickstarter and Indiegogo profiles and track projects you contribute to

* Browse projects by new this week, popular and ending soon categories

* Favourite projects for quick access

* Keep an eye on your favourites using the Techfunder home screen widget

玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩

* Search Kickstarter and indiegogo projects

* Easily launch project websites

* Easily share projects with your social networks

With Techfunder you can keep track of projects you have contributed to. Techfunder imports your profile public information, so there is no need to enter your password. Just follow the instructions in the app.The app will automatically import any new projects you contribute to. These projects will also be available to use on home widgets.

Browse many projects on a compact scrollable list. Just click on the project you are interested to expand into a full screen view. You will be able to watch the project video from this page and also you can tell the world using the share button.

If you want to contribute or found out more about a project, click on the "browse" button and Techfunder will launch the project page in your web browser. When you are finished, just press the Android back button to return to Techfunder.

玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩

If you would like to follow the progress of any of the projects, you can favourite the project from the project page. Quickly access your favourites from the left-hand slider menu. You can also add Home Screen widgets for your favourites. The widgets reload every hour, but if you can't wait just press the update icon on the widget.

If you heard about a project, and you want to quickly find it and favourite it, just click on the magnifying glass icon to search and type your key words.

Techfunder is an independent app and has no relation or links to the project platforms. Techfunder "scrappes" websites to collect information, for this reason we often release new version of the app to adapt to changes. For more information visit:

Complete list of categories available in the app:

玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩







玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩






玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩



玩生活App|Techfunder: kickstarter & more免費|APP試玩

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