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玩工具App|Temperature Converter免費|APP試玩

Get the quickest and most intuitive Temperature Converter on Google Play!

ConvertIt! is optimised for smartphones and tablets and converts 1400+ units from 90+ categories.

More than 150 currency exchange rates can be updated hourly and are offline available.


● Copy-Conversion (Copied values from any app are converted automatically)

● Optimized layouts for phones, 7-inch Tablets and 10-inch Tablets

玩工具App|Temperature Converter免費|APP試玩

● Material Design

● Search for units

● Real-time conversion while typing

● Great usability:

玩工具App|Temperature Converter免費|APP試玩

- Add Favorites

- Lists your Most Used conversions

- Sort units by names or values

● 90+ Categories in 20+ Languages

玩工具App|Temperature Converter免費|APP試玩

● 150+ Currency Exchange Rates

● 1400+ Units


Network communication - get the latest Currency Exchange Rates, load ads

玩工具App|Temperature Converter免費|APP試玩

Hardware controls - give haptic feedback (vibrate)

Run at startup - for Copy-Conversion

玩工具App|Temperature Converter免費|APP試玩

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