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玩個人化App|Text Battery Widget免費|APP試玩

* 한국어 *

* Now available in Korean! *

Text Battery Widget is a minimalist widget displaying the remaining battery of your device as text.

* Pro version available on the market *

Adds support for more customization of the different texts of the widget (color, size, ...)

* If you like this application, buy the pro version *

This widget is designed to be lightweight and have as little impact on your battery life and device's performance as possible!

Available in 12 languages :

- English

- French (Français)

- Italian (Italiano)

玩個人化App|Text Battery Widget免費|APP試玩

- Spanish (Español)

- German (Deutsch)

- Japanese (日本語<)

- Korean (한국어)

- Portuguese (Português)

- Russian (Русский)

- Dutch (Nederlands)

玩個人化App|Text Battery Widget免費|APP試玩

- Polish (Polski)

- Danish (Dansk)

For more information you can visit my blog.

* note : the time and weather on top of the screenshot is an other widget - Beautifull Widgets - I recommend you try it! *

玩個人化App|Text Battery Widget免費|APP試玩

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